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We believe that homes and businesses should be able to count on a sustainable supply of energy, wherever they’re based. This is why we’ve built out the best LPG distribution network in Australia and staffed it with local friendly experts.

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LPG for your home

Elgas can provide Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for all of your cooking, heating and hot water supply. Whether you are new to LPG or an existing customer, we can assist you in everything about local, safe and reliable supply to your home.


LPG for your business

Elgas supports many local businesses across Australia in the safe, ongoing supply of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) for a wide range of applications. Our technical team can assist your business in establishing safe supply into compliant onsite storage. We also provide your staff with safety training in the handling and use of LPG at your site.

Australia’s Largest Marketer of LPG

We are Australia’s largest marketer of LPG, and have been supplying local communities for over 40 years. We operate the largest LPG storage facilities in the southern hemisphere, and manage the largest fleet of LPG trucks for supply to over 45 Elgas branches and many hundreds of agents around Australia.

At Elgas we provide LPG for use in homes for cooking, heating and hot water supply as well as Swap’n’Go cylinders to households and businesses for all outdoor LPG BBQ’s, fire pits and heaters. We supply both LPG and LNG to businesses for powering forklifts, and many different drying and heating applications.

Elgas is owned by Linde, the largest global industrial gases and engineering company.

Committed to a Sustainable Future

Elgas is committed to working with our customers, industry and government as we transition to a low emissions future. We are investing in new technology to reduce emissions across our operations and sourcing renewable energy for our sites across Australia.

We are actively working with our partners to progress research and development into low carbon alternatives such as renewable LPG and renewable LNG, with a goal to be producing 100% renewable gases by 2040.

Today, LPG can immediately reduce carbon emissions by up to 50% when transitioning from coal and other heavy carbon emitting fuels, and is a reliable back-up fuel for renewable energy and off-grid applications.



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